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About Metrolina Adoption Fund

Metrolina Adoption Fund

Who We Are

Chris and Holly Ruppe founded Metrolina Adoption Fund (MAF) out of a heart and calling for assisting children who do not yet have a forever family. They have worked with children’s homes, supported adoption, and adopted a child of their own.

One of the biggest hurdles to adoption is funding. It can be a very expensive process. For that reason many people who would otherwise be great options for children are opting to not adopt.

The Ruppes have partnered with Lifesong for Orphans to create MAF which provides financial aid and support to families looking to adopt.

The MAF raises funds to assist adopting families in the greater Charlotte Metrolina area, and Lifesong provides the oversight, tools, and processes. MAF also assists at a local level to distribute funds and come alongside families who are adopting.

Supporting Metrolina Adoption Fund

Annual Fundraiser

Have a laugh supporting Metrolina Adoption Fund!

Join us for the 8th Annual Cracking Up For Adoption comedy show Friday, July 26, 2024 at 7:00 PM.

For tickets and information, visit crackingupforadoption.com.

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Metrolina Adoption Fund

What We Offer


MAF offers matching grants.

No Interest Loans

MAF offers Interest-Free Loans to help families overcome the high cost of adoption.


MAF offers books, support groups, online tools, and coaching.

Crowd Funding

mySTORY Crowdfunding is a free online giving platform, exclusively for approved families. Donations tie directly into a specific family’s Lifesong Family Fund Account.

100% Pledge

Approved families also are supported by the 100% Pledge. 100% of donations received for a specific families adoption will go towards funding their adoption expenses.

Metrolina Adoption Fund

Family Expectations

Families who receive funding are required to:
1. Have had a Home Study completed before applying.
2. Read the provided books.
3. Attend a local adoption group at least twice a year.
4. Fulfill any commitments made with MAF funding.

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Every Child
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